Who Can I Help as an Marriage and Family Therapist?

People sometimes ask me if I, as an “MFT” (marriage and family therapist) can counsel individuals, too.

In truth at least half of my practice is with individual adults of all ages, as well as children and teens.  

What MFT really refers to is the education and training I have received in the area of relationships.     If you think about it, most of our feelings of anxiety, depression, stress or loss are connected to the people in our lives, past or present.   

If you are having a struggle dealing with your past…it probably involves people.    If you are feeling unworthy, isolated, and hopeless….it probably is about people.     Understanding yourself in the context of your relationships is a first step to unraveling the pieces and changing patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that aren’t working for you.   No one has to stay stuck forever.

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